Mind games 1

Friday morning. (Actually, today is Saturday, had lots to do yesterday – but I thought of this as a daily series, so I’m catching up with it).

Nearly end of the week, good time for some evaluation, some logic in the picture. I thought we could exercise the mind a bit on Fridays, so I’ll post mind games. O.M.G. Math! Is she kidding? Nope. Math is a lot of fun, literally. How can you NOT be in love with your brain and give it some thought? Pun intended.

So I’ll be posting all sorts of games and stuff that I’ve been collecting over the years: you give it a try, solve them, comment on them, and I shall post the answer to the prob.ems and riddles next Friday. Ready? Here’s the one for this week:

(Source: Ivan Moscovich – The Little Book of Big Brain Games)